Gabriele Dragotto

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Princeton University

I am the 2023 Data X Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton's Center for Statistics and Machine Learning and a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton's Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, where I work with Bartolomeo Stellato and Jaime Fisac.

My Research. My research areas are Mathematical Optimization, in particular Discrete Optimization, (Algorithmic) Game Theory, and Machine Learning.Specifically, my research focuses on non-convex games, i.e., decision-making among a set of selfish and mutually-interacting agents that decide by solving complex optimization problems. I combine rigorous optimization tools with algorithmic game theory to design data-driven algorithms and theoretical insights to guide the agents toward efficient and socially-beneficial outcomes. My research provides tools to explain and inform decision-making in energy markets, autonomous systems, intelligent infrastructure and telecommunication systems.

Diversity and Inclusion. I strongly believe that fostering diversity in any setting encourages dynamic and thought-provoking social and intellectual exchanges. Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding any other matter that may be of interest or concern to you. I am also commited to promote an equitable access to knowledge.

About Me. I hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Polytechnique Montreal, where I worked at the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Data Science for Real-Time Decision-Making with Andrea Lodi on my thesis 鈥Mathematical Programming Games鈥. I also hold a B.Sc. in Engineering and Management from Politecnico di Torino, and I spent my Erasmus exchange at Tampere University of Technology. I was born (roughly) when this show was airing in Torino (Italy). I grew up in Trofarello, a small town in the urban area surrounding the Piedmontese capital.